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We have a hot and sexy story from a fellow fan. Let him know what you think.

His email:


“Thank God She Has an Asian Fetish”  by AMWFlovefetish

“Others can suggest limitations for us. But only we can impose them …”

I have decided to finally share my story to not only encourage my fellow Asian brothers desiring relationships with non-Asian women, but also in response to noticing lately many young White women posting their own blogs about being made to feel ashamed or guilty by mean comments from people about their interests in Asian men. These young ladies were being harassed that just their being open-minded to Asian guys was proof of them having an “Asian fetish” and that they were evil.

I wish to share my story after being distressed reading so many young WF posting online of being harassed because they are in relationships with AM.
They are made to feel ashamed or guilty for having an “Asian fetish”.  Well, my story is that Thank God for WF with Asian fetishes, because that’s how I got my first WF!  And come to think of it, all the WF I slept with were willing to do so because they had Asian fetishes that overrided all the endless anti-Asian-Male programming of the Western society and Hollywood.

White chicks with Asian fetishes (for Asian men) rule!

Well, speaking as an Asian man who is appreciative of non-Asian women, I wish to share my story of how thankful Asian men are for the White women out there with fetishes for us, and who are proud of it.
We can only dream and hope that there would be more of you out there…

2006. Me to my then-girlfriend, Chinese: “I promise myself, before I die I will bury my face between a white girl’s legs.”

Present day. I have buried my face between a white girl’s legs and then some.

And long legs they are — she’s 5-9 in bare feet, a former model who used to get paid to tan.

We met a couple hours earlier at a party thrown by a mutual acquaintance. She made an immediate impression when she entered — tall, outgoing, with strong bone structure and a stylish haircut.
A face that Helen of Troy would be envious of.  And those breasts… My god… Every one, man and woman, couldn’t help but take notice of such a walking model of perfection.

In the first few minutes after she arrived, she managed to reveal to the room that she spoke French and had modeled in Europe for a long time.

At some point later in the evening, I suddenly found her at my shoulder. She was beaming. And indirectly asking about my relationship status: “So you’ve got a girlfriend — she couldn’t make it?”, or something else transparent like that.

I recognized her hint of interest for what it was and kept my cool. Not only did I answer in a non-needy way, I was brutally honest — our relationship had gone through the wringer, my heart was broken and so on. But I made clear that the split was definite, that I wasn’t pining over her.

She gave me a similar story of her own. We proceeded to banter for 10 or 15 minutes about nothing consequential. Truth be told, I wasn’t keeping track of conversation threads. I was gauging her interest by disqualifying myself (“What do you do?” “I’m unemployed.”), putting on mini-vacuums, eye coding elsewhere in the room and varying the openness of my body language. She double- and triple-checked on the subject of whether I had a girlfriend, probably to test my congruence.

I concluded that I wasn’t being nearly as interesting as her behavior made me seem. All systems go.

We’d exchange numbers, at the very least. Or that’s what I figured until I suddenly saw her in the foyer, bundled up and ready to leave. She hadn’t said goodbye to me, hadn’t even looked in my direction.

Maybe her buying temperature had dropped. Maybe she got cold feet. Or maybe the social pressure was too high.

Only one way to know for sure.

I gave her a 10-second head start out the door, then said my own goodbyes, bundled up and left.

I was expecting to catch up with her outside. But I made it down only one flight of steps before I heard her voice, a floor below me. She had stopped on the landing.

“Are you following me?” she asked, coyly.

“No,” I said when I reached her. “Are you waiting for me?”

She laughed and turned to continue down the steps.

And she reached back for my hand.

Game on.

As soon as we got outside, she put her arm in mine. She announced that she was drunk and that she didn’t know where we were going (translation: “Take advantage of me!”), and I said the same, along with, “Are you kidnapping me?” Role reversal.

I noticed through all this that she was walking with purpose. And so was I.

She questioned me again about following her, and I teased her for waiting. After a couple rounds of this, she made her intentions known:

“I think you’re really attractive.”

That was all I needed to hear. I stopped her in her tracks, pulled her close and kissed her, tongue and all. No pullback.

Just as quickly, I pushed her away and killed the momentum by introducing everyday topics — biographical info and the weather, for instance. I dropped in “Where do you live”? — that oldie-but-goodie. We continued walking, and I stopped her intermittently to kiss her again.

“Let’s have one more drink,” she said. She needed a little more coaxing, apparently.

We passed a couple blocks without seeing a bar. Then her request changed:

“Take me to the subway. I’m going home.”

Buzzkill. I decided that if we did find a station nearby, I would send her off by herself. I wasn’t up for pumping her BT under the glare of fluourescent lights, with a Greek chorus of bums watching. (It was past midnight.)

But another couple blocks went by, and no subway station. She admitted that she didn’t know where we were.

I took that as my cue to hail a cab. When we got inside, I kept my mouth shut. We hadn’t said where we were going, so whatever directions she gave to the cabbie would be the final sexual IOI I was looking for.

To her place, she said.

The making-out resumed. Mind you, I hadn’t even broached the topics of sex or going to her place at this point. But that’s not my style. Some guys are dominant and highly sexual; I happen to be safe and comforting.

I have no problem with building sexual tension. But I save the explicit talk until the threshold of no return.

Sun Tzu:

“The rush of water, to the point of tossing rocks about. This is shih.

The strike of a hawk, at the killing snap. This is the node.

Therefore, one skilled at battle –

His shih is steep.

His node is short.”

She let loose with assorted ASD phrases as the cab drove: “This is crazy!” “I just met you!” “I don’t even know you!”

I said in return, “I didn’t know you existed before tonight.” My meaning: I’m no better off than you in this situation, and I’m not responsible for assuaging your anxiety.

The ride wore on. She went to telling me how sexy she thought I was, how much she liked my hair (amid grabbing handfuls of it).

Then she said what had to be one of the most beautiful phrases I’ve ever heard from a woman:

“I have an Asian fetish.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. There was a god after all.

“I fucking LOVE Asian men,” she told me looking full into my almond-shaped dark eyes with a smiling sensual gleam in her own.  “…I love FUCKING Asian guys… I feel you should know.”

Oh my god. She should have just told me this sooner.

I put my arms around her and kissed her full on the lips for the longest, most heartfelt and sensual kiss I ever gave a woman in my life. She returned in full passion.

And a little later, she said those other magic words:

“I’m taking you home with me.”

At her place, she was quick to get me on the couch and start stripping the both of us, with the lights full on. This woman knew what she wanted and wasn’t shy about it.

I took the dominance at one point by picking her up, to peals of laughter, and cavemanning her into the bedroom.

I never had my dick sucked by a White woman before, but had heard many times how they’re the best at giving head in the world.  My god, what an understatement.  The way she used her whole mouth from her lips to her tongue, the insides of her cheeks, her drool and the way she licked the strands and blew bubbles with it mixed with my precum, and how she used her whole throat… it was almost an out of body experience she gave me and I couldn’t help but strain to hold back but the pleasures she was giving me were too great.  I exploded rope after rope of hot gooey cum into her French mouth, which she took with deep moans like only a French girl can make sound so feminine and lusty at the same time.  She opened wide for me to see her gargle my sperm before she drank my cum before my eyes and flashed me a bright smile.

I swear I could have died the happiest man right then and there. But I had a favor to return.

I laid her on her back on her bed and slipped off her panties revealing the smoothest skin and the prettiest, hairless pinkest pussy I have ever seen, even counting all the countless pictures and videos of White women’s pussies I’ve lusted at online.  But here, in real life, I was face to face with the holiest of holies.  Without going into too much detail, I ate and drank from her pussy like she was God Herself and her juices were the waters of life.

By the time I drank her dry, my own cock was rock hard and full of more seed for her pussy this time. I knew I would last a long time because she had just milked my cock of my sperm earlier.

I was grateful, too, because it let me fuck this French blonde goddess like a seasoned professional for about an hour before I had to cum again, this time inside of that precious pink pussy I had always dreamed of prior to meeting her.

The next morning, though, she suddenly got distraught and told me I had to leave right away. A bit anticlimactic an end, and she didn’t give me her number or even her email after, so I left empty-handed but also pleasurably empty-balled.  I really shouldn’t complain. Most guys want no commitments.  Then again, I’m not most guys, and neither was a goddess like her just any ordinary girl.

Looking back, I don’t know if I should have pressed her to keep in touch, but I am thankful for what we shared. That she has a self-admitted fetish for Asian guys when she can have any man of any color she wants was icing on the cake I got to have and eat too, and it comforts me to know there are women like her out there for the next Asian brother with dreams of burying his face between the long legs of a beautiful White girl…hopefully one with an Asian fetish, who happens to be French…

Fan Submission! September 23, 2014 at 7:17 am


This super fan has been checking out the pages for a long time. He finally got around to uploading his own video.

We are honored today be his video. Takes a lot of courage to post videos and we give him kudos.

Let’s all enjoy and be inspired by this hot cream pie vid!

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End of Summer September 13, 2014 at 12:58 am

We enjoyed a long weekend and made a sexy film in front of the fire place.

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Mirror 2:



Kinky College Co-Eds September 6, 2014 at 5:29 pm

We have another female fan writing a recalling a fun adventure with a sexy Asian male.



I’ve had a thing for Asian guys since college. I guess I could be described as ‘conventionally attractive’ (slim, pretty, blonde/blue) so a lot of the guys on my campus – mainly white and Hispanic jock types – hit on me. But it was always the Asian guys that got my attention.

It was also an Asian guy who introduced me to the wild and kinky side of sex. The following is a true description of one of our recent trysts: The guy who awoke my ‘kinky side’ lives in another city now, but we still meet up occasionally. He’s well built (without being too muscular), Chinese, short-cropped black hair, full lips, one tattoo on his shapely back and one on his strong, muscled calf, and sublime golden skin that demands to be kissed and licked!  His ‘thing’ is domination with a racial twist – he loves having total power over a white girl.

On the last occasion, he called me at my office. He’d been drinking and was feeling horny.  Just his hot breath on the phone was enough to light me up down there. He told me he was completely naked and was lying in bed stroking himself. That image alone was enough to make my throat catch and my mouth go dry. I giggled and whispered that I’d love him to send me a picture of that. But he replied that he wanted to use my mouth and told me that if I wanted the privilege of servicing him and swallowing his cum, I should get off work early and start driving to his place.  I was extremely turned on by his dominant and demanding tone but I reminded him that he was 4 hours away and that I had work the next day. He wasn’t having any of it. He told me work could wait and that I needed his hot cock in my throat.  My face felt flushed and I kept looking around the office to make sure no one was paying attention. By now, my pussy was wet with excitement.  ”Don’t you want to run your lips and tongue over every inch of my hot Chinese bod, you nasty white girl?” he taunted.  He knows I’m very oral and a total slut for an Asian guy with a good body, so he knew his question would have the desired effect. I told him I was dying to and pleaded him to just let me finish up a bit of work. After a bit more playful banter he agreed and we hung up.

It was hard to concentrate on work after he’d gotten me so aroused but somehow I managed and began the long 4 hour drive to his place.  The roads were still icy and needed careful navigation but he called me every half hour or so just to tease me over speaker phone. As if I wasn’t aroused enough! He had me slip my fingers into my pussy and play with myself while I drove. He even sent me sexy pics of his cock and his ass (did I mention his ass is a miracle of creation?!) and told me to send him a pic of my tits. I probably broke a few laws but I managed to get a selfie of my bare breasts while driving! Lol!
Basically, he kept me in a state of near constant arousal without even being in the car!

By the time I reached his place I was shaking with anticipation. The drive had been tortuous in more ways than one. I rang his buzzer, hoping I wouldn’t wake his neighbours since it was already late. He kept me waiting a while in the freezing night air (had he fallen asleep? was he playing with me again?). Eventually, he came to the door wearing just a towel, looking sexier than ever! I wanted him right there and then but he wasn’t having any of it.  He was in stern and strict “Master mode”. He told me to greet him with the proper respect that a lowly blonde caucasian should show a superior Chinese (that’s his ‘race play’ fetish thing there). I obediently knelt down and kissed the tops of his bare feet. He smiled deviously. A lot of Asian guys enjoy indulging in the sexual power they have over me but no one revels in it quite as much as him. He loves having me in his thrall; hopelessly and helplessly grovelling for a chance to swallow his cum.

He dropped his towel to reveal his hardened cock. My mouth opened instinctively and I tried to not to drool. Then he strapped a collar to my neck which was attached to a leash and told me to crawl behind him.  I followed him into the house like an obedient dog, enjoying both the erotic humiliation and the view of his spectacular bottom ;)  When we reached the bed, he pushed me onto my back and straddled my waist. I was fully-clothed and he was completely naked but there was no doubt that he was TOTALLY in charge. He tied my wrists above my head and tore my blouse open. Removing my bra he began mauling and sucking my breasts. He covered them in his saliva and bit my nipples with just enough pressure to make me cry out. Eventually he moved up to straddle my face and began sliding his fully erect cock teasingly over my eyes and nose as I tried to catch it with my mouth. “Do you want it in your mouth?” he taunted. “Yes baby! Please!” I begged. He told me I had to earn it by sucking his toes first. He sat back on my stomach and smothered my face with his feet. He actually has really nice feet and I gladly licked his soles and sucked each toe. I even licked between each toe which made him moan in pleasure. Once I’d serviced his feet to his satisfaction, he straddled my face again and dangled his balls above me. He told me to open my mouth and slowly lowered his balls inside. I sucked and licked them until my jaw was sore. Finally, when the stimulation got too much for him, he pulled his balls out of my mouth and replaced it with his cock. It didn’t take long before I was rewarded with the feeling of hot sticky cum running down my throat.

Then it was his turn to make me come. He spread my booted legs wide apart and began eating me. He is unbelievably gifted in cunalingus and made me explode in the one of the longest, most intense orgasms I’ve experienced before untying me. By that time, he was aroused again and this time we sixty-nined with him on top.  We each pleasured each other several times before he was finally sated and fell asleep. I just lay there, naked except for my suede, knee-height winter boots – I LOVE the feel and look of wearing boots during sex!

At about 4am, totally exhausted, I forced myself up to face the long drive back to the office. I quietly freshened up in the bathroom, got changed and grabbed my car keys.
As I anticipated going back out into the cold, dark winter morning, dreading the long drive ahead and totally sleep deprived, I looked over to see him blissfully asleep and comfortable and in his nice warm bed. Damn! The things I put myself through for a sexy Asian man! Totally worth it!  He was lying on his front with with his sexy bare ass clearly visible. I bit my lip as I stood there gazing lustfully for while. Then I couldn’t resist dropping to my knees, giving his incredible ass a longing kiss and boldly licking the dark crevice between the cheeks. He moaned and gyrated his ass up into my face as I gave it another kiss.
I could feel my pussy tingling again and knew that if I didn’t leave then, I’d be late for work.

Anyway, that’s a recent story that I thought I’d share with you guys.
I know not everyones kinks are the same but I hope you enjoyed it!


Jenn2 Jenn

Back in the USSR August 24, 2014 at 9:43 pm

Another wonderful video where a fellow Asian Male champion seduce his Russian mistress!

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New Video August 11, 2014 at 12:58 am

Finally got around to making a new video.

Enjoy, click on the image to watch the video.


Mirror 1:

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We Are Still Here! August 9, 2014 at 8:37 am

I know it’s been quiet for some time. It’s typically pretty active in the past.

Work  has been really busy and we have not had time to film as much as we do.

I still visit this wonderful sitedaily. It would be great if you all could help submit content.

All original stuff takes a lot of time. Send me all AMATEUR, I repeat, AMATEUR AMWF content.

Some folks keep sending me professional porn, we don’t promote that here.

Send all emails here:

Is this a repeat? I can’t remember seeing this one on the blog.

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More cream pie July 16, 2014 at 10:29 pm

Just too keep the juice flowing. A wonderful cream pie from my lady and I.



Tokyo Drift June 24, 2014 at 10:05 pm

In today’s post, we have a lovely lady who loves Japanese culture.

I hope she likes ramen, because that is my favorite.

Let’s all embrace her and give her some props!

Travel1 Travel1a

Travel2 Travel3

Travel4 Travel5


Jungle Fever June 18, 2014 at 8:23 pm

When I think of Jungle Fever, I remember the Spike Lever movie about interracial love in New York.

Perhaps I’m dating myself. However, when I saw this video, I also thought about jungle fever.

Not so much the interracial part, but the abundance of hair. I typically enjoy some growth down there, but you can see

my lady likes smooth skin. I think I have a jealousy of wanting to grow a beard. So when I do oral, her bush makes me feel

like I’m a mountain man and I have a full beard.

Click on the image to watch the video.