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Happy July 4th. Sorry for the crappy quality, it’s been hard finding amateur AMWF videos and pics.

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Bounty Buttholes June 11, 2015 at 9:49 pm

If I was every going bald, I would shave it and just embrace the hair loss. I would then get really ripped like Jason Statham.

Today, we have a bald asian fucking a lovely white girl.

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Craigslist Hook Up Report! May 24, 2015 at 2:03 pm

We have another sexy white girl telling us her adventure with a hot Asian stud from Craigslist.


We met in an interesting way… I had put a missed connections ad on Craigslist, hoping to persuade an ex-fwb out of retirement. Surprisingly, some other guy responded- let’s call him Jay. Jay thought that my ad was posted by someone else, too- a girl who had broken things off with him after an exciting night of passion. The reason he thought it was about him was because I had mentioned in the post about my guy’s “barbaric nature.” It was actually an inside joke, but Jay told me via email that he had this “rage” inside him all the time, and he took it out on whoever he was having sex with, so the sex ended up really animalistic. Wow, did that get me interested… Jay and I ended up sharing our stories, which led to us sharing our fantasies. We spent the whole weekend emailing each other. It turned out we had a lot in common.

We both were married and bored. We both loved our spouses but wanted something extra on the side. We both had high sex drives and a desire to engage in kinky activities, but hadn’t gotten to explore that part of our nature yet. We both had been hurt or betrayed in the past, and were looking for something more long-term.

Jay shared a couple pics with me, and I liked what I saw: tall, dark and handsome. Sporty sunglasses cleverly hid his eyes, but he had a sexy smile. I also noticed that his arms were nicely sculpted, shown off by the athletic shirt he was wearing. I shared my pics too, and discovered that he had never been with a redhead, but always wanted to, and he was “bewitched” by my green eyes.

After a couple more days of emailing, we decided to meet at a park somewhat near to my work, where neither of us lived or knew anyone. The whole day we spent texting and emailing each other in anticipation. I shared some of my more deviant fantasies with Jay, and he replied he had given up on ever finding a woman that shared his desires, and how reading my erotic emails had him with a constant erection at work. It had been a while since I had felt such sexual tension just over email! I would be lying if I said my panties weren’t soaked by the time 5:00 rolled around.

Fifteen minutes later, I pulled into the parking lot Jay had specified, and I knew it was him as he got out of his car. Although he looked completely different from his pics (this time, he was wearing slacks and a polo shirt, since he was coming from work), his hair and stature was the same. He was so tall, and at 5’8” I’m tall for a girl. As he walked closer to me, I noticed that smile, and I got to see his eyes. They were brown, almond-shaped, traditionally Korean, and very, very exotic- although this could just be because the lust growing inside me was being mirrored in his gaze. I could feel it boiling up from my lower belly and emanating throughout my whole body- this desperate need to get fucked. Jay looked at me hungrily, and I could feel the sparks between us as he pulled me into a hug. I could feel his hard body against my soft tits, and my arousal grew. His lips grazed my neck in a clumsy kiss and my heart skipped a beat. As I gathered myself and pulled away, I had to be very careful to not look into those eyes- I knew immediately that I would do whatever this man wanted.

We broke apart and appraised each other, both of us looking very excited. Although he was older than me (a bit more than ten years older- in his forties, I later found out), he was definitely in shape, and those fucking sexy eyes, mmmm… I was worried about looking a little chubbier than in my pics, but when I expressed this he pulled me close to him again and told me that I was beautiful, and the only thing more beautiful than a pale redhead with long legs was a sexy mind, and I had both. And he actually sounded sincere (which isn’t the usual you hear from a guy you meet on CL).

He took my hand and we started walking and talking. My hand felt good inside his, and my whole body was warm and tingly. I was well aware of the fact that I wanted this sexy Asian guy right here, right now- and if I wasn’t mistaken, he felt the same. I was so thankful we were in a public place. He kept stealing sideways glances at me, and when he did this, he would squeeze my hand tightly, which made waves of desire wash over me.

Eventually, we sat down at a park bench, across from a soccer field where some teenagers were having some kind of practice game. I tried to concentrate on the words we were saying, talk about our jobs and our home life, etc… But I was lost in his eyes and I wanted him to kiss me. There was just this crazy sexual tension between us. I’ve only ever felt something that immediate a few times in my life.

As he continued speaking, I recognized the rumbling, shallow-breathed tones of a man with a very painful erection. I couldn’t help but look down and I almost choked as I saw this huge bulge through his work slacks. He followed my eyes and looked a bit sheepish.

Our eyes connected then, and in that moment it was like electricity was crackling between us. I was incredibly conscious of how close we were, and how huge that bulge was… and then… He kissed me so hard, so hungrily that it took my breath away. One hand went around my shoulders and pulled me close to him, and the other hand started rubbing my thigh through my stockings. His long fingers touched the tips of my stockings, feeling the garter straps, and he gasped. My tongue delved into his mouth at this moment of opportunity, loving the taste of him and the softness of his lips. When we finally broke apart, I looked at Jay. His eyes were narrowed, pupils dilated. I felt almost like I was an animal he had cornered, and the thought was a little alarming, but also made sent shivers of lust between my legs and I squeezed my thighs together. Jay was breathing hard, and I finally realized what he meant when he had mentioned in our emails about his inner rage and animalistic nature.

Well, I guess I’m just a deviant slut, because that just made me want him more. I knew that this guy was the real deal, and he could be dangerous to my health, but it was going to be so worth it. I already felt like I had found something I had long been searching for. So I took his hand and moved it up my skirt a little, so he could graze that soft skin of my inner thighs with his fingertips. I met his eyes, and they were smoldering. I guided his hand up to push under my lacy panties, so damp already. “So wet,” Jay murmured, and started exploring my slippery folds. I whimpered a little as my thighs quivered, my greedy little pussy already wanting more. I looked over to where the teenagers were playing soccer. To them, we just looked like a couple sitting together at a picnic bench. The thought spurred me on, and I squeezed my thighs together, trapping Jay’s hand. He suddenly pulled it away, and in the same movement, pulled me up standing, and dragged me around the corner, to another table just out of sight.

His lips crashed down on me as he pushed me down on the table, all his weight on me. He was so strong and forceful- I can’t remember being so turned on before. Although we didn’t fuck, we came close to it. Jay was on top of me, my back against the hard wooden picnic table. His hands were holding mine at the wrists above my head, and his rock hard cock was grinding against my panties. I was moaning and wrapped my legs around his waist, bringing that erection closer… Fuck, I wanted him so much.

I felt helpless, defenseless, and hornier than I could ever remember being. Probably, next to the chemistry between us, was the thrill of being in public, and the thrill of his animalistic behavior. I could tell that Jay was restraining himself with everything he had. He was almost ripping my clothing off as he caressed my body. Each time his constrained cock thrust against my panties, he moaned in this incredibly sexy way. I was whimpering with need, craving that monster cock inside me. I wanted to reach for it, but he wouldn’t release my hands. His lips were all over me, sucking my earlobes and kissing me passionately. I knew the juices from my horny little cunt were staining his slacks.

Finally, he moved his hands around my back and pulled me into a sitting position. We were both gasping. He embraced me for a few minutes as we both caught our breath. All we could say was “wow,” over and over again. It took a while to adjust our clothing and talk about normal things before we could walk back to our cars, smiling.

As I got into mine, Jay leaned in and gave me a passionate, arousing kiss, to ensure that I drove home with wet panties. We assured each other that we would talk that night, and we did. We ended up meeting again that week, two times.

Jay suggested our next meeting be in a different park. This one had nature trails, and he figured we could have more privacy. I could tell after only a week or so of talking to him that he liked to be in control. As a successful, spirited woman, I liked the idea of surrendering myself to him. In anticipation of having Jay to myself, I wore a sundress for easy access, knowing that I wanted to fuck him if I got the chance. I knew it might be premature, but I couldn’t deny that my body just craved for him to be inside me. When we met up, he grabbed my hand tightly, and the lust that began coursing through me was almost dizzying. As we walked along the path, I was very conscious that I was incredibly horny. The chemistry between us was amazing, and I could tell that he couldn’t wait to get me alone to get his hands on me. Just as before, we talked about normal things, but it was hard for me to concentrate. I was in this constant state of arousal, and everything was turning me on- the hungry look in his dark brown eyes, the interesting accent he had of someone that speaks two languages fluently, and the way his tight polo accentuated his hard body. I couldn’t wait to touch his chest and feel his smooth skin. Even thinking about it made my heart beat faster.

When we finally got far enough down the trail, Jay grabbed me suddenly and kissed me. It made me weak at the knees. His hands were running all along my body as we made out. I whimpered as he grabbed my ass and grazed the bare skin of my thighs beneath my dress. I moaned into his mouth and pulled his shirt out from where it was tucked into his pants, and the moment my hands made contact with his bare back, he shivered and groaned softly against me. Overcome with his own lust, Jay pushed me against a tree, and then trapped my face in his hands, never breaking our kiss.

Finally, I moved my lips down to find his neck. I wanted to nip his earlobes a little, but he was too tall! I was so fucking horny that I just started grinding against his rock-hard erection. It was almost like we were in a race to see who could be the most aroused and passionate; we were all over each other- hands everywhere, lips everywhere, our fucklust overtaking us completely to the point we seemed to forget where we were at.

As he kissed my pale neck and my freckled shoulders, he moaned audibly, and forced the top of my sundress down to reveal my strapless 38C bra. With a noise of frustration, he yanked it down, and my breasts popped out awkwardly. My nipples were already hard, like pink pencil eraser tips, and he started groping them. I cried out at his rough touch, but I could also feel how creamy my pussy was getting. I looked down to see his dark tan hands against my smooth pale skin, and it was such a turn-on. Apparently he thought so too, because when I looked back up he was also staring, and I could feel his erection throbbing against my stomach.

When he looked up and met my eyes, it was like a spark was ignited, and he bent down and started ravenously sucking my tits. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck, running my fingers through his short black hair. His tongue and lips felt so good sucking and licking my pert nipples, and kissing my puffy pink areolas. My inner thighs were wet and sticky at this point. I said his name softly and he paused, looking up.

“Jay,” I whispered. “I want you.”

“I want you, too,” he said in a low tone, and started kissing me.

It was so hot to feel my bare breasts rubbing against his shirt, while at the same time feeling the bark from the tree against my shoulderblades. The combination of pleasure and pain was making my cunt juicy. I couldn’t believe how much I just wanted to be fucked. More than wanted- I needed it.

As Jay kissed my neck, I looked up at the cloudy sky, then he cupped my ass cheeks and lifted me up a little bit, and he started grinding against me. I almost lost my mind, feeling his hands on my ass through my panties. His fingers were getting sticky from where my juices had already trickled down my slit and around my tight little asshole, where he was stroking me in a way that made me want to mmm… When he pressed his thumb against my hot hole, I moaned loudly, and he gave me a wicked grin. “I know, I’m very dirty,” he muttered against my throat, and bit me softly. Fuck, this guy was so hot.

The lewd picture in my mind of how we would look at that moment if someone stumbled through the woods just made me even hornier. Me in my flimsy dress and even thinner panties were all that stood in the way of him pulling out what I knew had to be a mammoth-sized cock and fucking the shit out of me. I bucked my hips against him, rubbing my lips over his jaw and neck, kissing whatever skin I could find while he whispered to me in Korean. This was actually a turn-on for me, and the fact that he was speaking to me in a language I couldn’t understand, and what I could only imagine were very dirty things, was almost going to make me cum from excitement.

Suddenly, we heard footsteps and broke apart hurriedly. Just in time, as a man walking his dog tromped by. I stayed glued to Jay, since my top was still down! Hopefully it looked like we were just hugging… But I doubt it, as the man eyed us suspiciously. After he left the area, we both laughed and fixed our clothing, then decided to go back to the car- it looked like it was going to rain soon, anyways.

Since there weren’t a lot of people around and we had parked a little ways off from the other cars, we scampered into Jay’s back seat. He sat up, and motioned for me to lay down. It was very calming to have my head in his lap, as he touched my face gently and played with my hair. After several minutes of ordinary conversation that enabled me to calm my sex drive down, he said something that made it shoot right back up again:

“Do you really get turned on being slapped?”

I explained to him that yes, during sex or even a sexy encounter, it turned me on a great deal. This seemed to arouse him, because I could feel his cock getting hard through his pants. But he expressed concern about hurting me, and we talked a little about safe words and pleasure mixed with pain… It was very erotic, and finally his erection was pulsing below me. I turned over and started kissing it through his pants. I opened my mouth and moved it along the large outline of it. Fuck, I wanted to taste it so bad…

I started to fumble with his belt and he stopped me, his breathing shallow. “Not yet,” he groaned.

“Please?” I begged, looking up at him with big green eyes.

I heard the loud crack of his palm against my face before I felt it. Jay had slapped me. When I looked up, my hand against my burning cheek, he looked nervous, but also turned on. I moved up to where we were face to face, and I kissed him hungrily. My pussy was so juicy and I was overcome with lust. I straddled him and started grinding my horny cunt against his erection.

Jay buried his face in my neck. “I’m sorry,” he gasped. “I’m sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It’s okay,” I whispered. “I liked it.”

With that, Jay grabbed me around the waist and started pumping his hips up against me hard. It had started raining, and I had no idea what time it was, or what was going on outside. He was fingering my clit, and the first touch of his finger there was electrifying. I started humping his hand, but he pulled it away and slapped me once- twice- on each of my cheeks. The recoil of it made me lurch backwards in the small space, still in his lap. “What was that for?” I asked, slightly shocked. Jay looked kind of shocked himself, but his cock was pulsing and throbbing beneath me. I could feel my own wetness from his fingers against my cheeks.

“I’m so sorry,” he muttered again, huskily.

“No you aren’t,” I replied, and just launched myself at him again, my tongue intertwining with his, our bodies moving together in unison. If only we were naked… I eventually moved my hand to the outline of his hard-on, and he actually undid the belt this time. I moved down and my eyes widened. It had to be between 8-9 inches, and it was thick, throbbing. Definitely not the stereotype. This dick would have looked at home on a porn star, which Jay obviously did not realize.

“I hope it’s okay,” he said nervously. I leaned in close, and started tracing the veins with the tip of my tongue.

“It’s more than okay,” I whispered against the velvety skin, as he moaned. “It’s perfect. It’s huge. And it tastes soooo gooood.” I took the luscious tip of it between my lips, and started sucking. It was so delicious, I didn’t want to stop! It was stretching my mouth wide and I was enjoying every minute. I especially was getting turned on by Jay’s reaction.

He squeezed his eyes shut so tightly that I thought he might cum for a minute, and he shivered, then moaned as my mouth worked its magic on his meat. Jay’s soft little moans were spurring me on. Just as I started really getting into sucking him voraciously, he pulled me off him.

“Please, not yet,” he pleaded. “I want the first time I cum to be inside that wet little pussy of yours.”

My jaw dropped and I felt that familiar longing between my thighs, but the moment had passed and we both had to go. Jay insisted walking me to my car, even though it was raining. Before I opened the door, he grabbed me, spun me around, and kissed me.

It was so romantic and sensual, with the rain pouring over us. It felt like a movie kiss. Letting him go was so difficult. I wished nothing more than to feel his rain-soaked, slick skin against mine, to take that thick cock deep inside me, fuck! I wanted him so much. But I finally released him, and we made plans to meet the following week.

Imagine my surprise when we met up the very next day. Jay messaged me at work the next day. He wanted to meet me after work. I was surprised, but instantly aroused. He asked me if I knew a place, and I actually did. It was an abandoned office park near my work. I checked it out during my lunch break and found a spot we could meet without being seen from the street. I sent him the address and spent the rest of the day in a state of constant arousal.

When I pulled up right after work, he was already there. I got out of my car, and so did he. I was feeling a little shy, because I hadn’t expected to meet him. It was casual Friday at work, so I was just wearing jeans and a polo shirt- not my sexiest look. But the instant I got over to his car, he pulled me against him tightly.

“Feel this,” he hissed, and as I looked into his eyes, I saw that same fucklust from before. Against my thighs, I could feel that he was already fully erect. My own eyes widened. “You did this to me,” he continued. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and now I have to fuck you.”

“But I-“ I don’t know what I was going to say- maybe that we were in public still, or that I was wearing jeans and sneakers and how it was going to work logistically… Anyways, it didn’t matter because he opened his rear car door and pushed me down on my back.

“Oh, Jay!” I cried out loud. I couldn’t help it- his eagerness and that primal look in his eyes had me so turned on. I yelped as he roughly jerked my jeans off.

“Move over,” he commanded, and I slid back. Jay crawled all the way in the car, and shut the door. Hovering over me, he fumbled with his belt and slid his work slacks and boxers down. His cock sprang out, looking obscenely huge as it bobbed between my legs. I felt so restricted with my jeans and panties at my knees, laying on my back. Jay pushed my legs to the side and started kissing me, at the same time working his finger up and down my slit. “You horny girl,” he murmured against my lips. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” I mumbled yes, panting, my pussy aching to be filled. “You’re so fucking wet for me already,” he noted, pulling his fingers out of me and examining them. “Look at this creamy shit. I love it.” And he licked it.

I was beyond needing to get fucked. I thought I was going to die if he didn’t give it to me soon. I was pulling at his shirt, and he helped me pull it off. Holy fuck. I knew he had toned arms, but I wasn’t expecting to see such a muscular build on a tall, slim Asian man. I can only described him as built. His chest and arms were hard and muscled, and his abs were lean and toned. I just ran my hands over his hard body again and again. He was in amazing shape, and the more I touched his body the more he seemed to like it. As I leaned up to kiss and lick his chest, I felt a drop of something on my pussy mound. Looking down, I could see it was Jay’s precum. It was oozing out of his cock and dripping onto me. I reached down and wiped at the tip of it, then tasted it. It was salty and delicious. I met his eyes, and I know the look he saw there was too much for him to resist.

“Tell me to fuck you,” he gasped, trembling, “and I will.”

“Fuck me,” I begged.

Without another word, Jay pulled my pants to my ankles and moved between my legs. Although it was a cramped position, I’m flexible and he’s in really good shape, so we made it work. When I felt the pulsing head of his cock at my hole, I actually cried out loud. It took a while for him to work it inside me. He pushed against my wet, tight pussy, and I moved upward. Finally, he forced his head into my slippery cunt.

“Oh my God!” I yelled. “Fuck!”

“You feel amazing,” Jay panted, as he pushed in a little more. “So fucking wet and tight.” I wiggled my hips and clenched my PC muscles, causing him to squeeze his eyes shut again and moan. He kept working that thick cock inside me until it was almost all the way in. Once bottomed out, I was in heaven. He was kissing my neck and shoulders, and bit me there. It hurt a little but felt so erotic. I didn’t think it would leave a mark, but I really didn’t care.

Fucking Jay felt so good. He was so deep inside me that it felt like he was in my stomach. I could definitely feel him hitting my cervix, and although it hurt a little, it also felt fucking amazing. I can’t remember ever feeling that full of cock. Jay was pumping into me with a nice rhythm, and he started saying things to me forcefully in Korean. I recognized my name, but that’s all. He looked more intense and primal than I had seen him before. He was like a man possessed.

“Play with yourself,” he ordered, driving deeply into me. “I want to see how you cum.” He leaned back, cock still buried inside my sopping wet cunt, and I started rubbing my clit. As he moved in and out of me slowly, watching my fingers in fascination, I began to get close to orgasm. I moved one of his hands to my breasts, and he started squeezing and pinching my nipples. The closer I got, the more my pelvic muscles clenched, and Jay looked like he was holding back his climax. It was incredibly arousing.

“Cum inside me,” I begged. He knew I was on birth control- we’d had that talk already.

“I will when you do,” he stammered, panting.

“Fuck me harder!” I cried out as I got closer. Jay obliged, and started pounding me like a jackhammer. It felt so incredible, so intense, and when I was almost over the edge I locked eyes with my lover, and seeing that intense desire and hunger in his gaze set me off.

“I’m cummminnngggg!!” I yelled, my legs bucking, restrained by my jeans. My pussy spasmed, trapping his cock deep inside me, and I suddenly felt his cock jerk and throb, then a wash of liquid inside, then another- several jets of his sperm going deep inside my greedy pussy. At the same time, Jay was moaning “I- I cum-“ he couldn’t even get all the words out as he cried out a long-drawn out sound, then sighed, shaking, and lay down on top of me.

“Mmm, baby,” he whispered, then kissed me softly. I snaked my tongue between his lips gently, and we lay like that for several minutes, kissing, exhausted. Finally, we came back to earth and realized that we were in a very uncomfortable position, in a car, in public. We both got dressed hurriedly, then sat up.

“We have to do that again,” Jay said. I agreed wholeheartedly.

“Why didn’t you slap me this time?” I asked. I wasn’t exactly disappointed, but curious.

“It was our first time,” he explained. “Don’t worry-there will be more times.”

Holy shit, there were a lot more times…

I’m in love with the coco!! May 14, 2015 at 8:23 pm

Sorry for the slow posting, we’ve been busy. Trying to make babies!!

Luckily, we have a great set of pics from another female fan. Great body and curves.

Enjoy and let’s show some love!

Cola1 Cola2 Cola3 Cola4

Cola5 Cola6



Barcelona April 15, 2015 at 8:52 pm

This was from part of our honeymoon. This was the last stop…Barcelona.

Click on the image to watch the video:



Mirror: http://bit.ly/1D5ttJ0

Asian Fan March 31, 2015 at 9:50 pm

Sometimes we get very lucky and find a fan who happens to be a model as well.

From her own private collection, she shares some of her best stuff for the Asian males here.

Enjoy and be respectful!

Grove2 Grove1 Grove3 Grove4 Grove5 Grove6 Grove7 Grove8 Grove9 Grove10 Grove11

Redheads always love Asian men? March 21, 2015 at 10:41 am

We have a  male fan who wrote about a passionate adventure with a redhead. For some reason, red heads like the Asian man.

I’ve dated a red head and she also like men of ethnic color. Even if the girl was originally some other color, the moment red touches their head, they love us.

Next time you see a cute ginger, maybe you should approach? Enjoy the story and the pics below.


I’ve been on this sub for a while now, but I never would have guessed that I would post something. Definitely by far the kinkiest woman I have ever met, so I had to share. This is a little long, since I’m just writing it like how i remembered.

It all began with my usual routine of going to gym in the morning, but this time I randomly met this red head name Kristen. It was a regular back day and she approached me and asked if she could jump in on the lat pull down machine with me. She was obviously new to the gym, seeing how her hand placement on the bar was uneven. I’m really not the guy to just bluntly tell someone that they’re doing something wrong, but she took the initiative and asked me how her form was. It then got into a long winded conversation about why she was doing it wrong and became into a mini form correction session for her. She seemed really grateful that someone finally showed her how to do something at the gym, and was eagerly waiting to do more. I was just about done with my workout and had to head to work, so she asked if I could show her more things next time. I really didn’t think much of it and agreed.

During our initial meeting, I really didn’t paid much attention to her other than the fact that she has dyed red hair- I later found out that she was originally a blond head. When we met again I paid closer attention to her, and noticed that she’s actually really pretty despite not having much make up on at the gym. Here’s a little about her, she has a nose piercing and a tattoo on her upper arm that ends around the shoulder region ;she’s around 5’5″ on the thin side with an average sized breast, and a very attractive ass (thank you yoga pants). She seemed happy to bump in to me the next day, and asked if I came to this a lot and other misc things. It turns out that her gym goal was to put on my muscle weight because she has always been on the skinnier side but she is a little afraid of the gym. It’s really hard to not help someone who really want to improve on their own aspect of life, so I told her I can show her a few things in the gym on the weekends (I wanted to help her, but I still wanted to get my weekday workouts in lol). After meeting with her after a few weekends I have gotten to know her quite well. She’s a junior in college and apparently very in to the Asian culture. She told me about her weird fascination about the things she liked, and how she loved the food and what not. I just shrugged it off and didn’t think much of it, because I figured she was just trying to find things to talk about- even though it seems like she was more in to those things than me lol.

Things then started to get interesting when she asked if I wanted to go grab some food with her after one of our training sessions. It was her treat to me for helping her get more accustomed to the gym. We decided to meet at a local pub where she stays close to so she can go home and change right quick. After a few drinks the conversation started to get more fun when she was more relaxed and comfortable. She told me that she have always had this connotation about Asians being shy, skinny, and “pure.” And that she has never been with one because they are too timid to approach her even though she is interested. I just sat there and smirked at her. I am by no mean “pure”, and I’m probably way dirtier than most most men, lol. She asked me what am I smirking about, and I just told her maybe you just have to be more assertive with them- saying something that would make her feel better I suppose. I then asked what’s her reason for being is so fixated on Asian men anyways. She stared at me for a while and whispered “I just have this weird desire to ruin them.” I ended up laughing and thought she was kidding. Her questions began to get more and more personal. To the point of asking if I ever had sex outside of my race and what I thought about it. She then went on about her previous relationship and that the whole reason they broke up was because she was looking for something more and that he ended up to be too boring for her.The conversation was really titillating knowing that we didn’t have to hold anything back, and we were both obviously enjoying it. The bar started to get louder with the band coming in to play, so she asked if I wanted to go back to her place to drink some more. I really couldn’t say no to that, since It was obvious that she was turned on and so was I.

We made it to her apartment, and she gave me a quick tour of her apartment. She had a few gaming poster up, which she was embarrassed about but I didn’t pry too much in to, since my mind was pretty much just focused on one thing now. We sat on her couch and the conversation continued. I asked if she could ruin an Asian guy what kind of things would she do. She said she wants to make them squirm around until they beg her to let them fuck her, and just wanted to ruin the whole innocent facade that they have. I told her too bad I’m not one of those skinny asian guys, because that sounds fun. She asked if it was possible to show her what I looked under my shirt, and that she has always been curious about it from working out together. I laughed and said sure.

I stood up and took my shirt off and she had a surprised look on her face. At this point you could literally cut the amount of tension that was in the air. All she could say at that time was “holy fuck.” I just smirked again at her and asked if she was curious to see more. She bit her lip and nodded her head. I asked her to take off my pants if she does so she did that. At this point im down to just my briefs with an obvious erection. She was feeling how hot and hard it was over my briefs, so I asked her to take those off too. Now my cock was fully exposed in front of her. I grabbed her hair and told her to suck my cock. She obeyed, and took my dick in her mouth. She gave me this look while she had my cock in her mouth the entire time. The look she had on her face was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. The look itself made me get even harder inside of her mouth. I then shoved my cock deeper inside of her. It was so deep inside of her mouth that she ended up gagging. She took it out to breathe, and went straight back to deep throating it.The way her mouth felt wrapped around my cock was amazing. I couldn’t help but cum deep inside of her throat; I tilted her head up from her chin and told her to swallow it. She did the best she could, but some still managed to drip down from the side of her mouth.

Her switch at this point was completely flipped, and she hungrily wanted more. I told her to take off her clothes and get on the couch for me. I got down on my knees and took my hand to spread her legs so her pussy was fully exposed. This was when I found out that her hair color was originally blond. I grabbed her ass and pulled her hips so her pussy was right up against my mouth. I wanted to taste this slut before I ruin her even more. She was completely soaked down there and I licked her from the bottom of her pussy all the way to her clit. She gave a really loud moan and wanted me to go down on her even harder. Since im a horrible person, I slowly licked around her pussy without directly touching her pussy, just so I can see how wet she can get. I did this for a few minutes while watching the couch get more and more soaked by her until she repeatedly begged please.

At this point her pussy was completely soaked with her own juices and the look of frustration and lust on her face was blatantly obvious. She began to repeatedly begged for more, so I gave her pussy another long slow lick from the bottom to the top and then I hardly bit on to her labia. She moaned out loudly while screaming more. I quickly shoved my tongue deep inside of her while watching her buckle her hip deeper in to me.

My vision was getting blurry and my heart was racing. It felt as if I was literally getting high from tasting her. I knew that I didn’t want to prolong this any longer, and I wanted to see her orgasm all over my mouth. So I took my tongue and went directly to her erected clit. I cupped it inside of my mouth and slowly sucked on it. This was driving her crazy, her legs were flailing all over the place. I then used my tongue to flick her clit slightly while remaining to suck on her clit. Then I stuck my fingers inside of her wet pussy and roughly massaging her g-spot. This made her clench on to my hair even harder and her mouth uncontrollable widen while she screamed out in pleasure. Her pussy was spasming while my finger were deep inside of her; she had one of the most intense orgasm i have ever seen. I was actually a little afraid she might have gotten lock jaw from her mouth opening that widely, but luckily she didn’t lol.

I was even harder now after witnessing such an intense orgasm. Her face was completely flushed red with her quickly trying to catch her breath. She tried to say something, but it looks like she was completely brain dead with pleasure at the moment. She just laid there on the couch with the look of satisfaction on her face. She then noticed my hard cock throbbing in front of her, and she grabbed on to it while smiling devilishly. She looked at me and said “fuck me please.” I was by all means ready, but the couch was really wet from her sweat and juices. I suggested we move in the bedroom, but her legs wouldn’t work right so I carried her in to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I pinned her arms down and gave her a hard deep kiss. She knew she was my slut at this point, she wanted nothing more than for me to fuck her pussy. I slapped her (not hard, lol. I wouldn’t do that to someone on our first time) and asked her what she wanted. That quickly made her even more horny and she moaned out “please fuck me, I want your dick inside of me.” I then placed her legs over my shoulders and shoved my cock deep inside of her wet pussy.

Her eyes widen with pleasure and she buried her nails in to my arms. I repeatedly fucked her while she moans out loudly. I knew she wanted even more so I lifted her hips up and fucked her even harder and deeper. She was continuously screaming “holy fuck” while I was penetrating her. I can’t believe that this cute red head that I was training with for the last couple of week is such a slut right now. I just wanted to know how much more I can ruin her. I took my cock out and told her to turn around and to lift her ass up for me. I saw a scarf lying on the ground and I used that to tie her hands behind her back. Thinking back now I really wish that I took a picture of that moment, because it’s something that still turns me on now from thinking about it.

Her hands were now bounded behind her back with her plump ass in the hair. I went and tightly grabbed her hair and told her that she was my slut now and kissed her roughly. There was no need to be nice to her anymore- I slapped her cute little ass leaving visible marks on it while she screams out more.

I spanked her even more while watching her pussy drip with more and more of her juices. It was clear that she loved me dominating her and was getting turned on from it. My cock just couldn’t take it anymore, so I shoved it all the way inside of her. Her pussy clenched down on it and she said she was cumming again. I watched her scream in to pillow in the most vicious cry and I gave her one last spank before I turned her over to cum all over her face. Her face was covered in my cum and she loved her last bit of it.

This was how I met the kinky red head who had a thing for asians. Thanks for reading.

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